I was born and raised in south central Pennsylvania, but for nearly 40 years, northern California has been my home. I’ve been blessed with the ability to live in the countryside and pursue many personal passions over the last three decades: writing, music, artisanal food production, and wine-making. In the Fall of 2017, my wife and I moved to Europe and we currently divide our time between Valencia, Spain and northern California.

At a young age, I learned to play music in a school band, church bell choir and jam sessions. After a hiatus from music while I learned my craft as a copywriter and journalist, I had the chance to study with guitarist Danny Caron. He helped me to apply concepts of theory and harmony to the guitar and I’ve been at work ever since, doing my best to blur the lines between folk rock, blues, and jazz. Around 2004, I started the Americana band, Cahoots, and over the years it has continually evolved with some of the finest players in Sonoma County.

I currently have five albums of original songs: “Fat of the Land,” “Agraria,” “Owl Country,” “Lucky Stars,” and, most recently, “Peregrino.” For me songwriting begins with a process of musical journaling. Sometimes it’s a melody or progression that starts the idea. More often than not, though, my songwriting is initiated with words on a page: a story, a title, a notebook line, some force out in the world I’m pushing against, affection, or that deep sense of longing which is the pulse of the human condition.

Photo by Brooks Anderson

“I get up every day determined to change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes that makes planning my day difficult.”

EB White